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Blu Nord
  • OVERALL - Good
  • ATMOSPHERE - Party
  • FACILITIES - Minimal
  • SECURITY - Minimal
  • NOISE - Noisy
  • PROFILE - Racegoers
  • ADDRESS - 152 Route de la Heronniere, 72230 Arnage
  • COORDINATES - 47.943493, 0.207158




Blu Nord 2017

Well what a year that was.....

Arrived on the Sunday after going down overnight on the Saturday... First on Site this year !! The campsite isn't the easiest in the world to work out however we do believe we have cracked it and a shoddy spreadsheet map will be available.

Blu Nord is a camp of 2 Halves it to memory always has been. The closer you get too the piston heads encampment the louder the music and later it stays on. So think on that when you get your tickets through the post. Never hurts to ask to be moved further down the rangs. If you've been before we tend to ask the aco for specific plots. We usually get it at the end of the rang and across the road. effectively getting 2 extra plots for free.. cheeky but got to make the most of it.

There are only 2 service blocks which are highlighted with the toilet symbol up high and lighted so you can see in the night. Interestingly the shower blocks towards the entrance are larger so you can swing your bits about and get changed in relatively comfort, however there is no mixer, so your at the behest of the thermometer gods as to what temperature you get. Also its a push button so you get about 30 seconds worth of water to play with before it shuts down... it will audibly squeal at you to let you know its coming to an end. The showers towards the PH encampment are more of a shower at home affair with a tiny area to get changed in. My suggestion go in as little as possible and then change outside when your all clean...however these showers do have a mixer (yay to not freezing or boiling...) and it always stays on...

The campsite itself is good humoured and plenty of brits knocking about with tasty hardware. There are always people to hand to help your erect tents and to hand out beers. However turn up at 9pm on a Thursday night expect to be watched and made fun off as you try and put your tents up! (we did relent and help but bloody hell it was a good 30 mins of piss taking) Also another benefit to this campsite is that its within spitting distance of the track.. Soon as you hear cars screaming round you can be at the ever disappearing maison blanche within 10 minutes...

We have inadvertedly left goods (and by goods I mean 5k's worth of camera equipment) and have come back worried and nothing has been taken. In the 10 years I've been going to le mans I've only ever heard of 2 tents being broken into, we usually use the car as the storage port but be vigilant not paranoid.

The field is as ever covered in glass and this has never changed take 5 mins to pick it over. Your airbed, bare feet and tyres will thank you for it. Your groundsheet if pierced when it rains will leak and youll have your own personal swimming pool.

I have had the pleasure of staying on BSJ, Maison Blanche, Blu Sud and Blu Nord, and we now feel Blu Nord is home for our rabble.

We buy our tickets from the ACO so we get the campsites for a bloody song,

We know its a bit rough, but we are camping not glamping.

Courtesy of Adam Buckle

Update: 2016

We stayed at Bleu Nord in 2016, first visit for us.

We arrived on the Sunday before and taken to our designated pitch, we had tried to look on maps before we went but could not work out where we were. It’s a large site, open to everyone so no real security.

Very different to other sites inside the circuit. Its also very open to the wind and elements. Close to an entrance by the big wheel so saves your feet.

Pitches are the standard size, but we managed to get a large tent and Gazebo and car on, car just hung over the road a bit but no one moaned.

First night we lost the Gazebo due to the wind! Lots of plane and helicopter activity from the airport next door. The morning of the race, the French Army practice their air display about 6am so a bit of a rude awakening! The site gets busier in the week, usually with large groups, lots of loud music so take earplugs. We had booked via langoustines so were grouped together and a friendly group, looking out for each other. We got invited to lots of parties!

As there is no security everything of any value was packed away every day before leaving but has no issues leaving the barby out or food items.

Toilets are a trek away, you tend to see those that can peeing by the bins which frustrates me! Toilets and shower block, only 2 sets I could see on site but it was a large site, also had to walk there for water. Toilets were broken early on, people syphoning water off them for their own use, not cleaned very much and lots of queuing. Using the ACO facilities on circuit was much better.

Lots of rain in 2016, it did get muddy but drained quickly. Car entrance gets very water logged and muddy.

Make sure before pitching you check for glass shards and stones in your area and clear them off.

Usually hang abouts on the Sunday night, just make sure everything is packed away or else it may go for a walk. As always, anything I leave is in good condition so it can be reused.

The people hanging about do look like genuine race goers with hats, clothes, Le Mans bags but they walk past your camp several times.

Courtesy of Lesley Smith

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