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Le Mans

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  • OVERALL - Good
  • FACILITIES - Toilets, Showers, Water
  • SECURITY - Good
  • NOISE -
  • PROFILE - Family
  • ADDRESS - Chemin aux Boeufs, 72100 Le Mans
  • COORDINATES - 47.952411. 0.219300




This site was newly started in 2015, it has its entrance situated opposite Houx and Houx Annexe entrance. in a good situation, with Terte Rouge 15 minutes walk away or you can jump on the mini train to the MMM arena. The main village isnt far away,cut through Houx and Bugatti Circuit shortcut.

Access by car: accessed by the same routes as Houx.

Its suited for Cars and Campervans and in general this site is not numbered

2017 Update

We arrived Sunday night a week before the race. Easy to get to, although we were initially guided through the main gates and the village until a security person realised.

Probably only 30 or so groups already in place, the girl on the bike placed us with other British people, all really friendly, sharing electric and tips! One guy was nice enough to lend a plug point so we could charge things.

By the end of the week the site was very full, with tents and caravans in every available space. Friendly, family atmosphere, I have heard stories of other sites which I am sure you are all aware of! People do mark out their territory with tape and pegs, others set up camp on a Monday then only come back for a kip on the Saturday race night.

Several shower blocks, queued only 1 morning for 10 mins for a shower, would suggest practising getting undressed and dressed in a small area where you do not want anything to touch the floor! Use flip flops or crocs as floors are mucky and god knows what’s on there, you can get camping tips on the net about what to use, such as cut your soap into small pieces and use small bottles of shampoo, only one hook in the cubicles so you can’t take much.

Tip – Don’t hang anything on the door handle as if someone tries to open the door it falls off. Would love a ladies only block!

Water taps available to fill up bottles etc. Cleaners several times a day and very good, and toilets never ran out of bog roll! Hot water all the time except for the morning after a mahoosive electrical storm.

Security good all week, only one way in and out although I suppose if needed you can jump over fences across a field. Tickets checked every time and car passes checked.

People arriving later in week ended up in a wooded area with tree stumps, pine needles and trees so arriving earlier is something I would recommend.

Large bin area to dispose of rubbish.

Bit of a walk to the circuit but I understand thats the norm, ideally they need to put a gate on the Houx fence so you can cross the road rather than walk all the way down.

Great for the tram to town, 5-10 minute walk, also had a few cars, water bombs etc on the same road on Mad Friday.

Sunday night after the race when other campers/visitors were wandering around the site looking for items left...made sure all our stuff was packed away! Had no issues all week, leaving items out.

Anything I left for others I made sure was in a good state so they could reuse it.

Courtesy of Lesley Smith

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