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Le Mans

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Lycian Events
  • OVERALL - Good
  • ATMOSPHERE - Friendly
  • FACILITIES - Good,
  • SECURITY - Good
  • NOISE - Noisey
  • PROFILE - Varied
  • ADDRESS - D92, 72100 Le Mans
  • COORDINATES - 47.932256, 0.210743




The site has plots were 7m deep x 5m wide, round the site utilising a one way system to get round with vehicles. the sites plots pre-marked with numbered pegs

The site is very well run by Lycian events, having Plenty of "staff" all of whom are superb and very helpful and some of the most professional I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with.

The location of the site also means there is luittle or no traffic. As such the problems of mud and dust are reduced

The catering provided serves food and drink at acceptable prices from about 7am until 1am. The food was excellent. Draught bitter and lager, cider and wine all available in the marquee. The also do discounts for pre-booked 3 and 4 day meal deals.
I have nothing to compare it to but as a first timer to LM and a non-camper by nature I was very impressed and would not hesitate to rebook in the future.

The marquee has a big screen TV for watching various sport including the race.

The Location makes this site a very special place being right on the famous Porsche Curves, were you can view race, from inside the campsite or two min walk to the bank to view.

The Site is fully fenced with 1 manned entrance just by the porsche curve steps and has dedicated 24 hour security guards with at least 3 on duty on the busy nights!. the security team are very friendly doing their best to be helpful.

The toilets and showers are maintained to a very good standard and cleaned at least twice daily. the site has enough toilet and shower blocks to cope with the amount staying. also to help the toilet block area is floodlit.

The only down side to the site is the fact it is so far away from everything else. Lycian do run a minibus from the camp on an hourly basis to/from Maison Blance and/or Antares and a drop of at Expo

I just never truly knew the distances for things at the circuit as I've never been to any circuit of that magnitude but that's why this was for me part experience part orientation for future 24hLM and I've learned a ton and also have a growing to do list for the future (2019) I hope.

A couple of nights were noisy due to music and the race itself other than that little problem of noise or anything else.

Courtesy of Michael Mast

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