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Total Arse Racing Team is a growing number of People from all over the world who have a love of Motorsport. These pages are a little background in to who is who, where they are from and what they are all about.
They are grouped in to four sections, TARTS, TARTETTES (wives), TARTLETS (Kids), AFFILITARTS (Friends). We also have the Barry Hill Award, given to a tart member each year for outstanding persuance of anything beyond the call of duty. Take a look through the Halls of fame......

The Tarts

Big Tart

Little Tart

Major Tart

General Tart

Right Tart

$6 Million Tart

Foreign Tart

Sean (Coondog)

Tart'N Tart

Papa Smurf

Wasted Tart (Corndog)

Captain Tart

The Mechanic

The Boss

Sleepy Tart

Real Tart

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