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Le Mans History

1. It started with a race

It all started in 1992 when Mark (Major Tart) and Ian (Big Tart) made the first trip to Le mans and first ever race anywhere. Coached it over for the event and decided to stay for the whole race. ended up on track for 36 hours. soaked, drunk and exhausted, but must say it was fun.

2. Down the middle

The intermediate years after 1992 Le mans where taken up with formula 1 and the Indycar scene. That was followed for a good 10 years which resulted in the first of the tartettes coming in to the frame when Mark met Michele.

This continued with a few races done from 2000 onwards, when Ian met the second tartette Becky. By this time Daniel (Little Tart) had been to a few races.

After the Indycar and Formula 1 trips the whole idea went quiet with lots of us taken up with other thinsg and work and living further afield

4. Total Arse racing is Born

2009 saw the idea of doing some racing again come about and Mark (Major Tart), Ian (Big Tart) and Daniel (Little Tart). Deciding to take a trip to Le Mans again, so off we went with a Camper van on the sounding out mission.
After enjoying it so much we decide this was to be an annual trip for ourselves.

2010 saw us increase the numbers when Colin (General Tart) and Barry (Right Tart) joined us on the next run down to le Sarthe and this is where Total Arse Racing Team was born, with us giving ourselves the identity.
To the side of this we had Pim (Biggus Tickus) and Robert (Wayward tart) meeting each other and then Mark talking to Robert over the Radio Le Mans forum.
They became full tart members in 2012 with the addition of Chris (Real Tart), Gary (Fresh Tart), Willie (Foreign Tart), and ken (Stato Tart) since then we have grown with our kids, wives and friends all joining us and we now total over 30 of us stretching out around the world in places such as UK, US, Holland, Australia, and New Zealand.

5. Always Bringing up the Rear

Total Arse Racing Team was born out of the need for a bunch of grown men to act like a bunch of kids while at Le Mans 24hr and any of the other Endurance races. The team has now gone global and is gradually expanding......

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